Homie, join us on CALI COD this Summer, and get jumped into The Tenth’s version of a ’90s Polo ad, where generations of WASPs once ruled, until Tyson showed up with a life-saver and no shirt on, and the American tribe—typically all white—was now making trips to the country, taking holidays in Aspen, and running seaside resort towns in Breton stripes with the new girl—the Black one, fresh from Englewood by way of Occidental—Raina Thorpe or Poetic Justice—upsetting the powers that be, and shifting the unsettled dynamics of power and privilege.

Issa Rae had said, “I want to do YACHT shit this summer. For no reason,” and word, so do we. So The Tenth decided to combine the best of two cultural ecosystems—Insecure’s Black queer L.A. and the starry-sky’d beachtown at the end of The Cape called Ptown, to live in the pure chill of beachside bonfires at Herring Cove with hella hotties over lobster tacos and spiked Dell’s lemonade to a Biggie vs. Pac soundtrack and enough OG Purp below deck to keep our sea/men floating high on the crispy Cape Cod breeze. We’re passing out passes to play with the preppy heritage and irreverent spirit of true Americana—where the boys are fine like Jayceon, the girls are poppin’ like Draya—from East to West Coast, cause this land is our land—yeah, this shit is our shit too.

JULY - 22-28th