For our TECHNOLOGY ISSUE, THE TENTH we knew we wanted to shoot for the moon. We didn't have to look much further than our favorite object-maker Cedric Williams of Revizionist History for the fuel. Founded by Cedric Williams and based in Harlem NY, Revizionist History offers artisanal jewelry and accessories that play with our notions of place, purpose and time. From proper Victorian brooches that feature original pinup photos from the 1950s to one-of-a-kind bucket hats with vintage fishing jigs and lures.

We asked him to create the perfect travel accessory (we’ll provide the reading) for our BLK:QUEER TECH REVOLUTION. One’s that say: WAKE UP! We’ll be carrying out the institution’s business as usual if we don’t reclaim technology’s heritage as our own and put it to good use.

From Cedric: " When EIC Khary Septh initially approached me about the project, he mentioned that "Courreges/Paco Rabanne meets '60s black gay culture" was the concept. I loved the juxtaposition of the two -- high fashion vs. mass culture; femininity vs. masculinity -- and was inspired to create the two totes, which combine Rabanne's signature chain mail technique with iconic phrases from the era relating to the civil rights and gay rights movements. They also capture what Revizionist History is all about: playing with what was and what might be."