In Volume Five, The Tenth meets the Black queer romantic—of past periods and vast lands—to explore a legacy of repugnant revulsion against the established order.

Join us as we chase nineteenth-century landscape painter Robert S. Duncanson’s rainbows and neoclassical sculptor Edmonia Lewis’ angst to then ask the question, “Can we escape our identities in the pursuit of great works?” Join Ashley Ford as she sits with Saeed Jones & Isaac Fitzgerald to discuss the incredibly transformative nature of deep romance... sideline yourself as cover star Michell’e Michaels builds with blxk trans femme poet Jayy Dodd around their advocacy for transgender women through their art.

Join us on the long, winding path from Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France, where James Baldwin took refuge for the last 17 years of his life to Savannah, Georgia, where we search for the infinite spirit and legend of The Lady Chablis. Be present, as we visit the workshops and hearts and minds of those prepared to sacrifice a great deal for some conviction, those who are not prepared to sell out, those who are prepared to go to the stake for something they believe in, because they believe in it—this is the attitude of the Black queer romantic.