HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: HOTEPU, Brothers. I am fully aware of what it took for you to be here today. I have seen it—what you’ve done—and am most impressed that you did it. Actions tell me volumes. We shall help you in return. 

We as Black men cannot become great thought white men’s ways. In Africa—particularly among Kemet and the Dogon, we have our myths for the pink people. The Dogon say, “the pink man is pink, because he hasn’t finished cooking.” They call the supreme being Ama in Kemet, and say that Ama didn’t finish cooking him so he came out incomplete, and the mark of this is that he has no brown. When you cook things they become brown; batter is always white, but no one eats batter at dinner.  

So he is not complete to us. 

What am I saying?

That you are more complete than he is. 

I’m actually implying that you may be better, if we define better as complete. When I say complete, I mean you’ve awakened your higher brain functions. The pink people cannot awaken the higher brain center; it’s not their destiny.

The problem with the Black Power movement overall: Malcolm was Muslim—they enslaved us worse than the pink people did. The muslims were brutal to us in Africa; still are. Then there’s the Martin Luther King Christian branch, but in the name of Jesus my grandmother swung from a tree, so I can’t embrace that and still love my grandmother—how insulting. So Black people have not had the intelligence of their ancestral memory yet—except for a few of us—to say, “Our liberation comes from Africa.” Christianity helps Europeans. Allah helps Arabs. Africa helps Africans. My goal is to inspire your eye to look home for the solutions you need. But you will face pink insecurity—some call that racism, I call it what it is: pink insecurity over our genetic power. They will try to end you, which I’m sure you’ve met once or twice along your journey so far. 

I made my YouTube channel to create a space for the mind of my tribe. 

10TH: Thank you.

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: You’re most welcome. I want you all to be the Kings that you are. 

This is our planet. This is our world—wouldn’t you say? We deserve resources, and money, and power, and respect like anyone else. We’re not marginal. We’re not a sideshow. In fact, we are the Supreme; we are gatekeepers. So I made my channel to create a space in the Black male consciousness that we are power, and I don’t ask for power, I take it. No one who asks for power gets it. You will never find a history where this is true.

The power is in us. It’s a deep, ancient power, and we are bashed because of it. We are feared. You don’t bash someone for millennia and not fear them. 

My first temple was open to all people. It was mostly Black heterosexuals, a few gay men, some lesbians. I discovered that the heterosexuals were jealous—I watched with my own two eyes. We would do rituals every full-moon… We would drum,and burn frankincense and myrrh and sing to the African Gods, and I watched the gay men go out into a trance—a power state—so quickly. The hetero men were envious and they began to do nasty things… small comments and rude statements. I said, “I will remove you so fast, your head will spin.” I see heteros as secondary to us—the texts of Kemet say so. Heterosexuals came second. We came first. So you can see how their fear comes out as bullying and humiliating us, but you can’t humiliate a divine person—it’s impossible. I’m unlimited consciousness. You follow?

10TH: Yes. 

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: As you build your magazine they will try to humiliate you, but they can’t if you are unlimited consciousness. How can you humiliate space? How can you destroy the ocean by throwing rocks at it? So for your magazine to bloom, you have to know first, who you are, because you’ll be challenged by that. They will say, “Who are you?” You say anything less than unlimited consciousness and they will get you. 

If you say “I am (GOD) AWWO”Infinity; well, how can you attack infinity? 

It cannot be done. 

This is why we need Spirituality for our community, which is a fancy word for Philosophy; it’s our word for philosophy. And once you know who you are, no one can touch you. And if they try… the Cobra of Egypt will strike. 

Our Native American bothers call us two spirits—we are more than that—we are all spirits. We are beyond two. We are the number zero which can become any number. What that means is you can become any intelligence: executive intelligence, administrative intelligence, defense department—you can become all of these quickly and efficiently. That’s the value of knowing who you are. 

What concerns me most in my tribe is the drug and alcohol use. I do not blame my tribe for it; we are programmed to turn to those things to feel better. It’s very stressful being Black, gay, and male. They have a bullseye on our back, and we’re trying so hard to survive all this and it’s difficult, and tiring for our brothers, and it was my pain in seeing this that created my YouTube channel. I could not see anymore of us killed like that—spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally. I will not tolerate it. 

When I became public with my channel, a lot of hate came towards my person I shall say, not towards me. They can’t touch me. The hate was heterosexual for the most part… “Gay African what are you talking about???” “That’s a white man’s thing!” “You’re ruining the Kemetic Movement.” I just hit “hide user”… “mute user.” You will not bully me.

As far as the gay men are concerned, the response I’ve received is mixed. The negative response is disbelief: “ …You’re saying that you’re superior and that you’re better than people, this is not right—we’re all equal.” No, we are not all equal. It’s called initiation in Africa. There are lesser initiates, middle initiates, and high initiates. We’re all born beasts and animals, in fact in Kemet, Africa, Yorubaland, in Zula—without your name, you’re not human. If you die a child without a name, they bury you like an animal because you have no name, no purpose, no calling beyond the physical yet.  

So the Brothers had a hard time seeing their greatness. I’m a symbol of you. Do you understand what I am saying to you? I represent what you really are. You are not secondary, you are primary. We don’t grovel, we command. We don’t beg at altars of other religions that hate us; we make our own. 

I’m aware of my act of great Revolution—the religious stab—that’s the heart of everything. I’m redefining how we see God. The European built his world on a God concept and destroyed us with it. Once we know who we are as God energy, then we have the backing of God. That is the key. 

I need Black men to think this way; to be strong, and commanding. Gods don’t grovel. 

Do we?

Do you?

You are a God, aren’t you?

I’m very firm in my boundaries, as we should be—every group is. Jews are. Arabs are. Every group knows their boundaries very well and protects their own. They protect their own first before they go out to do anything with other groups. But we’ve never had an articulation of what it means to be gay and powerful.

Let me clarify Gay

I don’t really mean gay, but I say it because that’s what people use. I mean Gatekeeper. You’re not gay; you’re beyond gay—you include gay. Gay is the sexual term, mostly: who you sleep with. We were gay before we had sex, so gay cannot logically mean sex. So then what is it? What is it for those men who’ve never had sex, but are in the closet? We can’t use sex as the definition for “gay.” I don’t want the pink man’s definition of anything, to be honest. He doesn’t impress me. He pollutes his water, he pollutes his air—he can’t be very bright.

He must be OGO (GOD)—insane, out of control. 

So I have no desire for his world.

I must be very clear about this: When I say “a God,” I mean your brain. That’s an important distinction, because by the grace of heaven and your karma, you will learn more about the Gods. They say we use 10% of our brain, well, the other percent—where is it? How do we use that? They don’t have an answer. But we do in Africa. 

You’ve heard of Ogun, Oshun, Bacchalal, or Heru, or Mahaat—they’re just brain centers, and the brain when strong can go beyond the skull; it’s called telepathic abilities, mystical abilities, spiritual powers… This is normal in Africa, this is normal in India. It’s just your brain being developed like a muscle. 

So the drugs and alcohol are lower brain function minus higher brain guidance. And our boys and men are trying to numb the pain with poison. I’ll repeat this, and you ask your heart and mind, “is it logical?” To numb the pain with poison. I don’t judge my brothers; I have compassion for those men who are seeking that release, but I am here—to give you an option. 

But to tell the gay community swimming in bottles of wine and champagne, “Stop doing all of that,” well, they’re going to ask me, “Well, why would I stop? What do you have that’s better?”

My answer is: “Your spirit.”

Your spirit will numb and remove the pain, and bless you along the way. It truly pains me to see the death of my people through these poisons, and when I’m sad I become enraged. When I’m enraged, I’m at my bestmy most productive—because rage is under my control, it does not control me. 

KHARY / 10TH: We’re so angry. Looking for ways to channel it into something positive, and impactful. What are some of the ways we can use this anger productively as Black gay men?

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: Emotions we call NETERU (GOD) or ORISHA; anger we would call HERACHTI in Kemet, or OGUN, in Yoruba. The key thing about emotions is to name them proper—from our point of view—African-style. When you’re feeling romantic we say, “oh, meow, HETARU is with you,” when you’re feeling creative— “ahhhhh, HERU SHANGO is with you,” and you see, we’re describing emotions as holistic complexes, not some little bit, but a whole complex called “Heru… Hetaru… Oshun.” 

…So the anger we call HERACHTI, which is a part of your brain that’s activated when you have “fight or flight” turned on, has a science to it. Certain triggers have to happen for the brain to process this way—adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol—there’s a whole science to anger. We subsume that as HERACHTI science. When the HERACHTI turns on in a group, it means someone feels attacked, or not heard. HERACHTI hates to be ignored. There’s a story where he was building a town in Africa, and he is the God—part of your brain—that makes construction… digs ditches… all of that hard labor belonged to HERACHTI. He was working so hard, yet people took him for granted… they didn’t know what it took for him to hack that forest and to build these bricks. They just said, “Oh, he’s so strong… he can do it, he can do it.” He got angry and said, “I’m out.” He left the village, went into the forest and he was happy as can be. What happened in the village? The streets were falling apart, houses crumbling, no new construction… HERACHTI didn’t care. So, after all the Gods went to the forest to beg HERATCHI to come back to no avail, a goddess named HETHARU, the big-bosomed Love Goddess said: “Leave him to me.” She’s telepathic… she’s the goddess of Romance, and you know when you’re in love you sense things. She went into a lake near where HERACHTI was hiding in the thickets like a predator, but she could see him with her eye, and she slowly took off her top with her back to him… this beautiful Black woman… long hair of locks, and she began slowly washing herself in the clear, pure water. Singing. She dropped her towel a little lower—he could see part of her breast. He’d been in the forest and hadn’t seen a woman in a long time, so to see such an enchantress overwhelmed him. He popped out of the bushes and grabbed her and said: “I must have you; will you have me?” She said: “Oh I will dear HERACHTI, but not here, I’ll get thickets in my hair… break a nail, but I’d be more than happy to if you follow me home.”

He said: “Whatever you want, my dear. I cannot resist you.”

She had two gords of honey on her waist. When she would switch, as Black women do, the honey would just fall, and he’s walking behind her just watching with all types of thoughts, and finally, she takes him to her chamber, brings him joy, and he then goes: “What do you need built?”

The End.

This is about your brain, and the brain of your teammates. The anger that you may have experienced may have come from the insult of not feeling respected or heard, especially after working so hard. Breaking your bank, your back, sweat and tears. The story says we have to activate the HETHARU brain center; it turns the brain on that instinctively knows how to keep social bonds sweet.

So to answer your question: in African teaching we always talk in stories. If a question is posed, the answer is in a story—kind of a roundabout way—because the brain knows no better than stories. You will recall that tale of HECHARTI and HETARU.

One brother who’s a part of the brotherhood had recently broken up with his boyfriend and wanted to meet new men. I gave him a sound—a sound that can radiate energy and draw men to you without any effort. It’s the sound of breasts as they clank when a woman walks, but they aren’t just making a sound, they’re singing. You might ask: “Well why would I give him a woman’s sound?” Well, because the part of you that tends to know the intelligence of kindness, is the more feminine side of you. You’re all spirits, right? You’re male and female and all that which is beyond. We become whatever we have to. So I gave him a sound. He said he went to a club and the men flocked around him. The sound. Your brain has power, but you need Africa to teach you how to work them; powers of your mind beyond your comprehension. 

We must have a common philosophy—we call it cosmology. Jews are so strong because—they’re Jewish. This Jew knows what that Jew means when he says, “L’Chaim.” It means many layers of things to each of them. So as a group—as a kingdom—you have to have local religion, so to speak, or philosophy, or cosmology, or whatever you call it, and enforce that as your way. 

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: I’m going to talk about beauty. The KAMAU will have a picture of someone carved on the wall—from the sole of the foot to the hairline will be 18 squares. They would then make sure the foot was the same size as your elbow to your wrist—there’s a ratio between your foot and your forearm that’s called the 2/3s ratio. A perfect fifth is a two-thirds harmonic. When you hear this sound, you will say, “ahhhhhhhhhh—that’s beautiful,” but your foot and your arm have the same sound. So if you take this, and you put it into a painting, when people look at it they’ll hear that note; it will be the same, “my breath being taken away,” or if you build buildings with these harmonic ratios they last for millions of years. We have to have a movement now as Black Gay men, around the science of beauty. You’ve seen the ball scene. Paris Is Burning. Walking for your life. Yes? We naturally love beauty, and I have come to teach you the science of it.

Beauty is our weapon. I’m saying this because we have to compete against powerful forces of vulgarity and ratchetness—the lower brain. The direction of the movement is in Beauty and Art, and energy…

Oh yes, sex. How could I forget sex? 

They’re attacking us for our sex—sexuality. There must be power there, or they wouldn’t attack that particular area. They’re targeting that one spot—why? 

A ladybug can have sex, a worm can have sex, but it’s animal sex, meaning reproductive sex. We’ve been told, “Well, not Adam & Steve, but Adam & Eve,” and since we’re not having children, that we should be burned and denied rights—but sex has levels that are potent. It’s the most powerful force in you. When you’re aroused, you feel power, don’t you? Energy… heat. What if it could go other places as well? 

In KAMAT gay sex, the men often fall in trance and start talking about science formulas, or the future. That sounds foreign to you, doesn’t it? That during sex you’re breaking out into some philosophical formula: how to work with coils to make currents… this will happen 3 weeks from now… you’re grandmother who passed away 6 years ago is calling for someone in the family to honor her. This is normal in KAMATIC sex. Plus, the physical. It’s a technology you learn. When you move energy inside of you, and you’re pulling what we call snakes from the stars, you connect the universe, which means your mate—he’s part of the universe, yes? 

You have not had sex yet, gentlemen. Until you’ve had at least energetic sex. Then you have what we call KA sex—or soul sex—where your soul is making love. Follow this in your imagination… You’re with a man you love… you make love to his body… wonderful… delicious. When you make love to his energy—not his body—it’s another level of intensity. You see, the European word “gay” doesn’t capture what I’m saying. We need “gatekeeper”; these are gates of sex

You have mental sex where the minds make love through geometry. The ultimate sex is the spiritual sex where the God spark in you makes love to the God spark in him. When you reach these levels of sex and passion, power are the blooms. You can start doing things you didn’t know you could do. You become psychic, telepathic, creative, inventive… you start building temples, you start writing books, you build businesses. If you make love these ways it starts becoming creative in ways you can’t conceive. 

So the revolution will be sex, beauty, art and energy.

Things we love. 

10TH: Your Royal Highness, how do we even begin to understand where to start in unlocking these powers? 

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: You have to have character. I will say it. In this world, character doesn’t seem to work very well, does it? You’ve observed, I’m sure—being good, honorable, righteous is the last road. The wicked, the evil, and the brutal get ahead, right? That can be very depressing if you’re a good person. Let me clarify it then…

It is true. In this side of GED—the physical world—goodness does not rule. Muscle rules this side of heaven. I’m giving you a bitter pill, and I’m clarifying it for you. This is why Trump is president. The European whooped us coming and going and he’s on top. So they won this side of heaven, but lost the psychological side. Spiritual means your psychology. Meaning you will go crazy. The psychological world demands ethics. Not the physical world. All the evil people winning what you deserve… all the bullies getting away with it… This is so important so you don’t get depressed by what you’re seeing everyday. 

Here’s the science: the physical world does not run by ethics; it runs by brute force—survival of the fittest, nature’s law

But mental health demands MA-AAT. If you are unethical, you will lose your mind. Your heart will eat you. The guilt will swallow you. You will not feel balanced inside. You may have all the money and power in the world physically, but in your mind, you’re a mess. 

So where do we live?

In both worlds. 

We have to find a middle. You can’t be, as we say, “so sweet that we want to spit you out.” Don’t be too nice. You want to have a bit of bitter, and a bit of sweet. Tough and soft—somewhere in the middle. Mental health is a big issue in our community. Suicide. It breaks my heart. One young brother, his uncle emailed me six years or so ago: “My little nephew is gay. His mother is a super Christian and is going to throw him out of the house.” He found my channel and begged me to talk to his nephew. I replied, “I will be more than happy to communicate with him through email.” He is now 18. He has $8,000 in the bank… an 18-year-old Black boy getting his first driver’s license… getting his first car. He used to sign his emails, “from Dwaou”, now he signs, “from fierce and fabulous Dwaou.” I said, “I want you to do these sounds for me. I want to awaken your brain to show you how powerful you are.” That’s how he did it. 

So, in the end, we need brains, not brawn. 

We are not heterosexual. 

We are sophisticated, refined, and deadly

I hope you’re not afraid of being powerful, are you? 

I went to another gay group years ago, but they feared powerfulness. I said: “I will not return to this place; do not invite me again.” They were chickens, and I’m vegetarian. I like Hawks—men who can take it, and keep flying. You understand? There will only be 1% of us, not TEN. That’s hopeful, but not likely. There will be 1% of Black gay men who will control the destiny of the rest. Those who turn their brains on the most will be the leaders. It’s that simple. You will dominate—you will go somewhere and takeover. You will enter a room, and you will take it over because you’ve become in the spirit, and become intelligent in that area, and you will win. 

I don’t like weak Black men who are able. We must protect the weak; we must fight for them. And I’m not a martyr—I like glamour too much to martyr myself (wink). I’m far too gay for that. Martyring is not the look for the runway. Won’t do it. 

10TH: Your Highness, how do we become hyperaware of pitfalls and distractions? 

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: There are two answers to that question. One is astrology. The great pyramid of Giza is actually an almanac. They spent the equivalent of trillions of dollars to build a calendar. I picked this date very carefully, and the time—exactly. That’s partially why it’s going so well. Timing is everything. The other answer is your third eye training your intuition. You will foresee it, probably in a dream, or an omen, or a hunch. But astrology is the best science for that. 

Do you like astrology?

KYLE / 10TH: I do. 

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: Astrology is a great weapon. You understand?

10TH: We do.

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS: We must build a community—we must. Without that, we are nothing. Our unborn gay children need us to stay strong and keep fighting. I think I found my heir in a young gentleman. Very young, but I see in him the traits of my crown being passed to him when those days come. I’m just the first king; I’m not the only one. I will not live in this life long enough to see the fruit of my work, but I will see the seedlings of it. It takes a long time to build community—to really do it right—takes a lot of engineering. I’m not unaware of the vastness of the task. But I feel true hope here with this group of men. Your strength moves me. You’re why I fight. You understand? It’s because of you. So whatever I can do for your magazine—your company, I shall do. I want to see you bloom and flourish, and take over

Power only works when you share it. With worldly men—not bozos. Many gay men I’ve met have been chickens—meaning they were clowns. They were frivolous; they had no serious aspirations in life, and I just cannot tolerate silly Black men—they’re not for me. They’re for someone else. Not for me. And so I will not teach them. One of the worse things that can happen to you in Africa is when a priest says he will not talk to you. That’s almost a curse because you’re left to your own programs… 

But keep this.

I see hope in you and let me give you the background of why I say this. You four are unique. They may be more that did not make it, but at least you are here. You are some strong men. True grit here, and it must be nourished; it must be protected—you are so rare. My goal is to provide you with a system of power that will survive me. You understand? I always think lifetimes. My time here on Earth has nowhere near ended, but as priests, at 33 years old, we plan for our afterlife. So we need a community of power that feeds the strong, protects the weak, and shields the unborn. That I can provide you with. The work of it, I cannot. You must work it. 

I think the ball scene is an important place to keep our eye on. It’s the one place I have seen organize Black gay men for decades. If you take the ball scene from an executive point of view, it’s a success story. Black young men, without a lot of money or opportunities, yet, every year, the ball goes on. There are prizes and awards and the organization it requires is impressive. Why are we able to do that in the Ball scene, but not politically, socially, and economically—I say—let’s start with debt to beauty. It’s already working in the Ball Scene.

KHARY / 10TH: What will it take for Black gay men to become truly powerful? 

HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS:  What is Black Gay Power? What is it really? Well, it’s gatekeeping. It’s spiritual forces coming to bear on industry. That’s not a white gay view for Black people, you see? If we stand in front of the Gay community as Black Gay people we must be able to say: This is our unique contribution that you have not made, that you will need, as I will need yours.” But right now don’t have anything that’s not a mix… a melange… that we can own as ours to be proud of. You see? 

There are two kinds of value. There is intrinsic value, and then there’s social value. Intrinsic value is “I know I’m important, because I exist.” No explanation required; that I exist means I’m important. As Black Gay men, they say we shouldn’t exist. But there’s a level of respect and value we have just because we are alive. I will not justify it the world. I just am, and that’s value enough. 

What, as Black gay men, we must also very importantly do is create social value. I hear this all the time as feedback on my YouTube channel: “What is you purpose as Black gay men? Except partying? And having sex? And twirling around?” It’s foolish, and mean, and it’s what they’re thinking. I have many friends around the globe, some who I’ve come to see as racist, but I’ve learned from their racist comments. They think we are useless. We must come to grips with that fact. We have to contribute something to the world that they value to get us power. The Pink gay community have done a lot of work for their community. They’ve built and made themselves valuable to their caucasian community. I have two-spirit friends—Native Americans—they have a clear tradition; they say: “We stand strong when we come to Gay Pride… we have a specific function to this Pride… we are two-spirits and our traditions go back 10,000 years and we’re proud.” When we walk, what do we have that the world will respect? We need their respect—and to respect ourselves. We must have both. One is innate, and one must be earned.

So, the Golden Beetle exists to say: “Oh, but wait. There’s more.” What we have is Black Gay spiritual powers. This means great artists who monetize their art to the enth-degree and it’s genius craftsmanship. Great dancers. Great designers. Great Therapists, Psychologists, Healers.  

Gotten great by spiritual powers.

This is what I’m targeting. 

The beauty of the mind. 

The beauty of the body.

In the end we’ll have an army—who are monetized.

I want land.

I want empire. 

I want independence. 

I want a Gay Kingdom. 

That’s why I say I will not live to see what I want; I know the vastness of my request to the universe. If it takes reincarnating, I’ll reincarnate. When we’re done, they will beg for our powers. 

You are proof of this working.


is ruler and founder of the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Golden Beetle Shamanic Religion for Gay Men. A Princeton and Columbia graduate, he was first told of his royal destiny by King Adefunmi Oseijeman I through the Ifa Oracle, and then formally crowned a King and Babalawo by Chief Afolabi Epega in the rainforests of Nigeria.


is an Art Director and photographer who’s worked for every [insert useless global luxury fashion & beauty brand] possible, but in his independent creative pursuits, balances a stillness of hand and peace of mind, which is always transmitted in the process.


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